Upgrading Your Ecommerce Business Through Marketing: Entrepreneur Tips

Any seasoned entrepreneur will tell you: a good business depends not just on product quality and customer service, but also on marketing.

After all, how could your customers know about your product or get a chance to experience the stellar services that you offer if they haven’t heard of your brand in the first place?

Gabriel Shaoolian, a digital trends expert and CEO and founder of Blue Fountain Media, knows just how important it is to up your game when it comes to eCommerce marketing.

In his contributed article for Forbes, Shaoolian talked about 5 techniques to take one’s eCommerce marketing process to the next level.

The first of which is influencer marketing. Digital influencers are not called so for nothing. Most of the time, collaborations bring great results both for the influencer and the brand they are promoting.

Remarketing is the second tactic mentioned in the article. This is basically calling the attention of prospective buyers who visited your site but didn’t get to complete their purchase because of some reason.

Conversion rate optimization is another technique that needs to be given more attention by entrepreneurs. You might be surprised at how something as simple as rewording your product description can do so much to optimize conversion rate.

Shaoolian also advises giving incentives for the first purchase. One must always remember that existing customers are the easiest to convert into buying, so you might as well take advantage of their familiarity with your brand.

And last but not the least, integrating reviews and user generated content is a great way to let prospective customers know that your brand is stable and trust-worthy. Customer reviews can do a lot in converting your audience because they’re hearing about your product from a third-person point of view.

Marketing your product does not end the moment you launch your eCommerce site. In fact, your marketing tasks only grow bigger the moment your site goes live. It’s all about dedication to your business and being open to changes that will make your brand the best that it can be.
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  • August 11, 2017